David Firmstone MBE

ELECTED ARWS 2000 & RWS 2003
David was born in Southbank, Middlesbrough. He paints landscapes and seascapes in the Isle of Wight and Italy. He has won the International Painting Prize, Sunday Times Watercolour Prize, Hunting Prize and many other prizes. His work is held in several prestigious collections: British Museum, Queen Mother, Grosvenor Museum, Freshfields, Singer Friedlander and the Institute for Contemporary Art Mumbai. He currently shows his work at the Orchid House Gallery, Isle of Wight.


David says of his work, "All my work is concerned with landscape and seascape. I am fascinated by marks: the painters and those that humans make when they work the land. The spirits of artists and land workers past and present shape my view. I work on a large scale in watercolour I use tradition as my touchstone and modernism as my flight."