The Heatherley School of Fine Art £55 / 50 Friends & Students 10am - 4pm

Take inspiration from a still life and explore the possibilities of one of the oldest and most versatile of mediums. Join Wendy to experiment with handling and mixing of colours, to create a series of artistic responses to a still life. Wendy will go through the methods in arranging objects that will produce an eye-catching artwork. She will also describe the various techniques she uses in her own work.



- Watercolour paper: three or four sheets

- Masking tape

- Water pot (large yoghurt pot is ideal)

- Watercolour Brushes. You don’t need the best quality. Include one or two larger sizes – a number 6 or 8

- Pencils

- Eraser

- Gouache paint – the best is Winsor and Newton’s Designer’s Colour. The minimum colours you will need are the primary colours (red, blue and yellow) and white. Ideally a warm and a cool version of each primary eg: Alizarin and Spectrum red, Primary and Ultramarine Blue and Lemon and Cadmium yellow would be better but not essential. 

- Some absorbent paper (kitchen roll).