The Royal Watercolour Society represents the finest contemporary watercolour painting in Britain. The Society is the centre of excellence for water based media on paper, which allows for a diverse and interesting range of approaches to the medium of watercolour.

The RWS mounts two major exhibitions each year at Bankside Gallery, and regularly shows at other venues around the country. RWS exhibitions reflect the variety of exciting and eclectic work being produced by our Members. Whether artist, student, art lover or collector you will find much of interest here.

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The Society is a Centre for Excellence for work in water-based media on paper, which allows for a diverse and interesting range of work. For more information click here.



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Winter Still Life
Penwith Peninsula
Tin Mine, Cornwall
Gansu Cow and Calf
Robin and Berries
Snowfall in the Park
Villa d'Este, Trivoli
Caffled Harbour
Pembrokeshire Cliff
London Trees Sketch 2
London Trees Sketch 3
London Trees Sketch 1
Last Christmas, Trafalgar Square
Louvre Ticket
Notre Dame Ticket
Paris Opera House Ticket
Dorset Coast
Green Bottle
Cheeky Monkeys
Night Hunt
Five Pears
Pale Treasures
Red Vessel
Red Sand
Blue Harbour
The Gansu Kid I
5 December 2014 - 25 January 2015
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The Challenge of Watercolour with Mike Chaplin
Watch The Challenge of Watercolour with Mike Chaplin

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