The Heatherley School of Fine Art £110 / £100 Friends/Students 10am - 4pm

In this 2-day workshop , Sophie will aim to show some of her own working methods which allow her to use often bold colour washes and strong darks tones to create more impact.

Looking at colour and texture in our every day landscape, from our gardens, parks and urban views, Sophie will provide photographs for students to work from. Sophie will demonstrate some "wet on wet" methods including squeezing the paint straight onto the paper and also scratching off areas with a palette knife, which can create texture and suggest light in an area.

Students will begin by working in a small format, and experiment with working methods, with an aim to moving on to a larger scale by day two.




All paper provided by Fabriano

A plant spray ( for wetting the paper)

Two pots for water

Kitchen towel / loo roll

Plastic plate / pallette 

Palette knife

A selection of brushes, at least one large round brush and one large flat brush, one inch or larger

Student quality paint (Cotman series) including:

Prussian blue, Indigo blue, Ultermarine blue, Cobalt blue, Cerulean blue, Cadmium yellow, Lemon yellow, Cadmium red, Burnt Sienna, Alizerin Crimson, Sepia, Chinese white