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Mike Sims (Writer and former deputy editor of Printmaking Today, now working for the Poetry Society) wrote an article about some of my work entitled, A Life of Curiosity. When discussing my garden paintings and prints he writes, ‘…he finds himself marvelling at the imperative of DNA simply doing its job – all that struggle behind all that beauty’.

I have been sketching and painting our garden over very many years - the same or similar views over the seasons.   I saw the growth and changes of the plants as they reached out for the sun, smothering rivals in their lust for light and energy. There, as the days and weeks passed by, I could almost draw, like a slow motion movie, the struggle for existence that each plant makes to survive. The forms have a life of their own with an ‘evolution’ which is unpredictable.  A suggestion of plant structures at a microscopic level has worked itself into the images, maybe influenced by abstracts I did in the 60s.

He was elected an Associate of the Royal Society of Painter/Printmakers (RE) in 2008 serving on the RE Council for a three years before being made a Fellow of the Society in 2011.