Gerry Baptist

ELECTED ARWS 2017 & RWS 2019


Gerry's education began at home with his parents who passed on their interest in the arts; they gave him an understanding of what life as an artist could be as well as nurturing his love of drawing. Art schools continued the process allowing Gerry to practice the skills needed for as career as an artist. He then spent some years in the swashbuckling world of advertising before taking up painting and printmaking full time.


In Gerry's work he has commented for some years on rampant consumerism: ‘What have we done with yesterday’s tomorrow?’ is the title of one of his works in the series ‘The Waste-Makers’ from 2007. With the urgent issue of climate change, it is not a surprise that Gerry is returning to the subject - at the moment, through insects, which are disappearing fast.