Charlotte Halliday

ELECTED ARWS 1971 & RWS 1976


Charlotte says of her work, "The changing light on architecture excites me. I cruise the streets in my car until something catches my eye – sun on St John’s wood stucco, ideally framed by bare branches and tangled creepers – and I settle down to paint, typically on Turner’s blue Ingres paper, my tiny Winsor and Newton watercolour box on my left thumb. I have Radio 3 or Radio 4 for company; cricket in the summer, rugby in the winter. If I have a commission requiring a specific angle, I will be out on a stool with my lap easel (this has been an invaluable part of my equipment for decades – it has a single, extending leg and rests on my knee). It wasn’t until I unexpectedly acquired a garden of my own, in Sussex, that I began to paint flowers. Because they are my very own, planted and grown by me, they have become part of the rhythm of my working year."