What are the benefits of becoming a member of the Royal Watercolour Society?
If elected, you will enjoy full Membership benefits, including two major group exhibitions and two joint exhibitions with the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers at Bankside Gallery each year, as well as other opportunities to exhibit and sell your work through Bankside Gallery and other venues. Your work will be publicised through the Society’s website, and there are opportunities to run courses, have your work used for publicity, and to become involved in Society activities. 
How should I choose which three framed paintings and 12 (max.) unframed paintings to deliver if I'm successfully shortlisted?
Members will be looking for a clear identity within your practice rather than examples of many different techniques and styles. Remember that they are looking at many works in a short time, so you should try to make it as easy for them to look through your work as possible. For example, mounting your unframed works to the same size makes the pieces easier to look through.  
Are there rules about watercolour techniques – should I only send work in that conforms to traditional ideas of watercolour?
The Members will be looking for ideas, competence and integrity – as long as the materials conform to those stipulated on the application guidelines, they will be interested in how you choose to use them and will be excited by both innovation and expertise in traditional methods when using water-based media.
How does the RWS define a 'professional' artist?
All artists who submit their work for Election should earn their income (partly or wholly) from the sale of their work.  They should exhibit regularly and have a clear and coherant practice.  
Can I include any additional written work or texts?
There is no need to include any texts with your work other than a clear label on each piece with your name, title and medium.  All additional information required will have already been filled out on the Election application form online which Members will read through.
If I can't bring my work to Bankside Gallery on the allocated delivery date, can I bring it in earlier?
No, we can only accept delivery of works on that day. We'd advise using a professional art courier or a representative on your behalf.
If I can't collect my work on the allocated collection date, can I collect at another time?
If you are unable to collect, you can nominate someone to collect for you. Alternatively, Art Moves of Chelsea will pick up all uncollected work and put them in storage. Please see application guidelines for further details.
When will I hear if I have been successful or not?
There are two rounds of selection for the election. Applicants who have been shortlisted will be contacted via email by 6pm on Monday 24 February 2020 and asked to deliver their prepared portfolio and framed works to Bankside Gallery. Following this, shortlisted applicants can expect to hear the final result of their application on Saturday 21 March.
How many artists are selected every year?
The Society can award Associate Membership to a maximum of 6 artists in one Election year.


For further information on the RWS elections, please download the application guidelines.
Application Guidelines