The Heatherley School of Fine Art £65 / 60 Friends & Students 10am - 4pm

JMW Turner once said 'I never lose an accident'.  Working with ideas of atmosphere, climate, and mood, this workshop explores an improvisatory way of painting that embraces chance and controlled accidents.


Learn how to exploit the fluid and unpredictable nature of water-based media, experiment with dropping in colour, pouring & dripping, blotting and scraping.  Move paint around allowing the image to emerge and consider how large paintings painted on the floor differ from small works created at a desk. 


You can work from photographs and your own sketches, or make paintings that respond to other artworks, or the written word.  Teaching will be by demonstration and close one-to-one supervision.


It will be a day of experimentation suitable for adventurous beginners and those wishing to extend their skills.



Watercolour tubes, some gouache may be useful (remember white) and possibly acrylic.

Brushes, including larger flat brushes (1 inch or more), watercolour sponge and paint rags, mixing plates, plenty of paper including larger sheets, reference material, photographs and sketchbook drawings.