Caroline McAdam Clark

ELECTED ARWS 2008 & RWS 2011
Caroline is of French-Scots background and studied Fine Art at Edinburgh University and College of Art.


Her work has been shown in many prestigious exhibitions and competitions. Caroline has had eight solo shows at the Thackeray Gallery in London; and others at the Piers Feetham Gallery, London; Chappell Galleries in Essex and the Yew Tree Gallery in Cornwall. Her work is in numerous Collections in Europe and the USA.


The launching pad for her work is frequently landscape that is familiar to her, revisited countless times and recorded in sketches and photographs. Mainly East Anglia, the Highlands and Islands and recently in the canyons and deserts of Navaho country. These will then be used over a number of years to make paintings that relate not only to the geography of a place but to her sense of what that place is about, connecting the documentary to the more obliquely poetic.  Some of her paintings respond to a more playful side and stray into myth and narrative and represent for her a form of escapism.


She lives and works in London and in Suffolk.