Mike Middleton

ELECTED ARWS 2013 & RWS 2015


Mike Middleton was born in Louth, Lincolnshire and studied at Farnham Art School, Sheffield Polytechnic and Chelsea School of Art.  He works largely in watercolour, and acrylic but he is also a printmaker working mostly in etching. His subject matter includes domestic architecture, gardens and landscape.  Working across different mediums offers the opportunity to explore imagery in all sorts of different ways. The painting, drawing or print can be thoroughly explored, tweaked and tested. Scale can be altered, colour can be discarded or invented and the artist is only limited by their imagination. Occasionally work even develops into three dimensions. Drawing is usually the beginning of the process but drawings are just the starting point even if they encompass print, collage, and colour.  Subject matter is important but has to contain a set of formal qualities which can be developed. Occasionally there is a gentle subversive element at play within the work. Sometimes the titles give a clue. A wry look at modern life can be discerned beneath the carefully painted surfaces.