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Fay is interested in themes of family history, memory, evocative objects, loss and autobiography. Her work is underpinned by an interest in psychology, particularly the work of Freud, Melanie Klein, Hanna Segal and Adrian Stokes which helps the artist to understand her drawings and watercolours.


After leaving art school in 2006, Fay drew and painted plants. However, her father’s death in 2009 became the catalyst for a change in direction and she began to explore her own family past. Tasked with the job of clearing her father’s house and family home, she discovered photographs of her mother who had died suddenly in 1964 on holiday in Spain when Fay was seven. Her mother was not mentioned thereafter and there were no photos of her at home on display. For the first time in 45 years, Fay was able to build up a picture of her mother and she began to create work which explored childhood memories as a way to give ‘voice’ to her mother. Fay also began to draw and paint personal family objects from life and from memory which had held special significance in her mind. Professor Sherry Turkle’s book ‘Evocative Objects’ and Dr Daniel Miller’s ‘Stuff’ are important reference points which explore the role of objects in stirring the memory and emotions.