Geoffrey Pimlott

ELECTED ARWS 2006 & RWS 2009


Born 1946 London, Geoffrey studied at the Reigate School of Art and Design and later went on to gain an MA in Fine Art (Painting) from Wimbledon College of Art.  First exhibiting at 16 years old with the Croydon Art Club, he has exhibited extensively since, in group and solo exhibitions in England, France, Germany, and Thailand. He taught Art & Design in FE, and secondary education, for 27 years, and worked for the Papua New Guinea government, as head of expressive arts at Aiyura National High School.  Married, he lives and works in the Surrey Hills, and Chiang Mai, North Thailand.
With early art school work concentrating mainly on portraiture, life drawing and painting,  and landscape painting, Geoffrey had a very classical training, initially. Influenced by artists such as Ivon Hitchens, Joseph Herman, and Graham Sutherland, he spent the next forty years, abstracting the landscape, and it was only after studying for his MA at Wimbledon College of Art that he moved away from representational work and into the abstract; developing a series of asymmetric abstract works in watercolour and acrylics.  In times of need he refers to medieval illumination, especially the work of the Limbourg brothers, who created Les Tres Riches Heures de Duc du Berry, the drawings and painting of Pieter Bruegel the Elder, and twentieth century painters including such artists as John Nash, Bridget Riley, and Jean-Paul Basquiat. His current abstract work is gradually re-introducing the gestural mark above and beyond the very hard edge  shape and design, and use of intense colour, that has been characteristic in his most recent painting practice.