Claire Parrish



Claire Parrish is a painter, who combines experimental drawing into her work. Born in Worcestershire, she studied BA 3D design at Cardiff School of Art between 1981 and 1984. From 2012-13, she studied at UCL Central St.Martins under Tricia Gillman, who continues to be her painting mentor.
In April 2014, she was selected for the Wilhelmina Barnes-Graham Painting Residency in St Andrews, Scotland. This gave her time to develop work in Wilhelmina B-G’s studio, and well as having access to the private painting collection and archive there. This helped her develop a body of work that she went on to show in The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2015, and then at The London Group.
In 2016, Claire’s work was selected for the RWS Open exhibition, winning the prestigious David Gluck Memorial Prize. She was then elected an ARWS, subsequently showing her work in the 2016 RWS Members Exhibition. 
Claire’s paintings are developed over extended periods of time, using multiple digital images of industrial processes as their metaphorical vehicle. Each piece is composed of layered sheets of transparent polyester film, all 4 sides having been intensely worked on. They are then combined together to allow for the unexpected and unplanned collision of shape and line to take place.
The surface of the paintings show the dense patination of mark making as a thinking process, the ideas that come and go, rubbings out, finger prints, water stains. Like the polyester material, the inherent process of creating painting is shown as transparent, and at the same time, obscure.  
The work challenges us to simply observe, without reference to any inherent meaning.